Board of Advisors

The international team of experts and practitioners of diversity, equity, and inclusion
from the Czech Republic and Denmark.

  • Renata Mrázová
    Group Chief People Officer at FNZ Group

    Renata's background is in finance and business. She has held several CFO and CEO roles during her career. Finance is her strong background and HR where she promotes respect to diversity, humanity and inclusiveness is her strong passion. Currently, she represents FNZ Group leading global teams as a Group Chief People Officer. FNZ is a financial services company that provides platforms to major financial institutions. She has been active in promoting diversity as a speaker, mentor or by publishing children's and family book "Amazing Women from the Heart of Europe".

  • Jan Kotík
    Education Project Coordinator at Skoda Auto
    Jan’s DEI journey started in the USA during his MBA studies, where he co-authored a study on the co-activation of identities in a workplace. Later, he launched the DEI program at ŠKODA AUTO and continues to grow his DEI expertise in the automotive industry at SEAT S.A. in Barcelona. High-quality interpersonal relations are Jan’s biggest passion. He has experience in founding employee networks and building healthy communities. Connecting with people and sharing are his superpowers. Jan enjoys giving lectures and training – the topics range from unconscious bias or employee networks to DEI within ESG strategy.
  • Jana Tikalová
    Founder and CEO at OPIM,
    D&I Expert
    Jana has been working in the field of diversity, equality, inclusion and human rights over the last 20 years, starting in the European waters working for the Council of Europe mainly. She founded OPIM in 2001 to fulfill her big dream to raise awareness and educate in the field of DEI leading to social impact change. She thrives for holistic approach to D&I. She stands behind numerous international projects. During her career she held managerial positions for global companies in HR and Training in travel retail and automotive industry.
  • Jana Vychroňová
    Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Vodafone Czech Republic
    Jana is a passionate diversity expert with 20+ years of experience in HR. In her role of Diversity & Inclusion manager at Vodafone she has focused on creating a truly inclusive environment where anyone can thrive. Jana believes in a future without gender, age, sexual or cultural biases. She has implemented many initiatives that have been perceived as inspiration in the market and recognised with various HR awards, e.g. for family-friendly policies, including a 16-week parental leave, support offered to the victims of domestic abuse, job flexibility, support of LGBT+ people or colleagues with disabilities.
  • Dita Formánková
    Founder of Czechitas
    Dita is a Chairwoman and (cheer) leader of the Czechitas organization, which she founded in 2013, and Director of Diversity and Communities at Avast. With a background in software engineering, she enjoys educating and finding new talent in information technology and digital skills, community building and their organizational culture, social impact entrepreneurship and the topic of diversity. She is a member of the board of directors of Social Impact International and Česko.Digital.
  • Kasper Jelsbech
    Chief Consultant and Partner at Living Institute Denmark
    Kasper's passion lies in promoting cultures of inclusion. He specialises in inclusive leadership, advancing gender parity, unconscious bias and cross-culture as well as disciplinary collaborations. He is a Chief Consultant for the most senior D&I organisation in Denmark. He combines practical experience, theoretical knowledge with anthropology background in facilitations,
    trainings and diversity strategy builidng. He is a brilliant entertaining keynote speaker.
  • Tereza De Bardi
    Partner and D&I Lead at Deloitte CZ
    Tereza is a creative person, combining many interests and passions. As Consulting director at Deloitte, she works with clients on large transformation programs, mainly in the field of Finance and Shared Services. Through her 20 + years career in the business world, she knows how to navigate the waters of the male-dominated environment well and hopes to see more diversified leadership and management levels in business soon. From 2020, Tereza leads the D&I agenda in Deloitte Czech Republic.

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