Founders of D&I Shapers are two. Two women. Two friends.

Jana Tikalova and Tereza De Bardi. Jana is the CEO of OPIM, an NGO with a 20 years history in diversity and inclusion on the Czech market. Tereza is a consulting director and D&I ambassador at Deloitte. Both of them are passionate about people development, leadership, culture, and diversity at the workplace.

They met in January 2021 to discuss how to adopt a global D&I strategy in the local environment. Their passion, drive with an impact and chemistry clicked together instantly.

Soon they realized that they aim for the same target in the D&I agenda - bring a systemic change, applying a holistic approach instead of small isolated actions. Jana’s agile but impactful execution and D&I expertise combined with Tereza’s business knowledge and project mindset gave the solid basis for D&I Shapers to be born on 1st June 2021.

First on Board

Brave and bold partners from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Denmark as Dita Formankova (Avast and Czechitas), Renata Mrazova (FNZ Group), Roman Bojko (IKEA), Kasper Jelsbech Knudsen (Living Institute), Wolda Grant (Deloitte SK) and Ingrid Veling-de Block (Ignite) gave us their trust and stood behind the idea from the beginning, providing support and wisdom during the first months.
D&I Shapers is growing and after a few months of existence, there were 27 strong players standing behind and being part of the community. These companies employ 150.000+ people, which is already a huge impact. The number of member organizations, which the platform is connecting, vastly grows. It could easily mean bringing more social impact to the local market in a shorter time if we join forces together.
Our Drive and Passion
Innviting more people to the table generates more ideas and impact. That is why we created a diverse and an international

D&I Shapers Board of Advisors
D&I Shapers was founded by the organization OPIM with expertise in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion for 20+ years.

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